The Advantages of a Corporate Redeployment Strategy


Strategic redeployment is a highly effective way of retaining employees and should be an integral part of every organisation's human resources management strategy.

Good employees are among the most valuable resources a company can have, and they are the key to sustaining long-time growth and success.

Also, since the recruiting and training of new staff is both expensive and time-consuming, you really should aim for a high employee retention rate, if you want your business to succeed in the long run.

Basically, redeployment is a way to get your best workers ready for new positions in your company. This option has become more important than ever before since many businesses go through frequent re-structuring due to changes in the economy, new partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, etcetera.

But there are a lot of things that need to be considered before a business is ready to handle redeployment successfully. Without a good redeployment program in place, you won’t be able to retain valuable employees, which means you’ll be losing top talent every time you restructure your business.

If you are still doubtful about the value of redeployment, here are the top reasons why you should consider redeployment instead of letting your talent go:   

Reduce your costs

Many organisations lay off employees during phases of downsizing or restructuring. For example, there might be a need to shut down some departments, while setting up other departments, due to technological changes.

Also, it’s quite normal for some departments to be growing while other departments have to downsize. If you’re downsizing is accomplished by letting staff go, and growth is accomplished by hiring new talent, you are probably spending a lot of money, both on layoff compensations, and on recruitment efforts.

A great way to avoid laying off talented staff, while at the same time reducing the money you spend on hiring and recruiting, is to redeploy your best workers from one position to another one in your business. 

The cost of re-training staff during the redeployment process is less than the cost of hiring new staff and training them in your company’s culture. In addition, you won’t have to pay layoff compensation to your redeployed staff.

Improve your company image

Companies can use redeployment as a great way of building their corporate brand since it is an excellent strategy for promoting the welfare of its employees. When redeployment is offered to employees as part of a package of training resources and other benefits, that shows a company’s commitment to valuing its employees.

It’s well known that disgruntled employees, or ex-employees, will have bad things to say about your organisation, which can be very harmful to your corporate image. When you have a good redeployment program in place, everyone knows that you are true to your corporate values.

Your corporate brand helps to attract talented people to your workforce, and also protects your reputation among your customers. So, improving your corporate brand with a good redeployment strategy is therefore well worth the effort.

Create a positive company culture

When an organisation offers its employees redeployment opportunities, the whole workforce tends to feel more positive and optimistic. Every employee feels encouraged when they see other employees being redeployed, as they know they will get the same treatment if they perform at their best.

So, redeployment not only allows you to retain your best workers, it also makes all of your staff more productive, as they appreciate the fact that they are part of an organisation that respects and values its workforce.

Improve your relationship with employees

A good employer-employee relationship is essential in order to achieve a high employee retention rate.

An effective redeployment strategy is, therefore, a great tool, not just for retaining valuable employees, but also for fostering a good relationship with them. As you probably know, poorly managed layoffs can lead to plenty of bad blood between an employer and their former employees.

But former employees often serve as a source of insight about your organisation to future employees. Also, there are plenty of review sites like Glassdoor and Yelp, on which disgruntled employees can post negative reviews about your organisation. And thirdly, potential new talent will not want to work for a company that is known for laying workers off easily.

That’s why it’s so important to have a good relationship with your employees since they might benefit your organisation in many different ways in the future. Instead of producing disgruntled ex-employees, you should try to produce brand ambassadors.

Companies that offer redeployment generate flexible career opportunities and their employees grow to trust their employer a lot more.

So redeployment really offers a win-win strategy for business leaders. You get to retain talented team members and re-train them to fill open positions. At the same time, your employees feel more valued, and they feel their jobs are secure.

Because of this, your staff will become more loyal, and your employee retention rate will increase dramatically.



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