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Digital Enablement defined

Digital enablement is the process of integrating digital technologies into a variety of business systems which fundamentally changes the way that business operates. It effects both top line revenue and bottom line profit.

What are the key steps in achieving digital enablement?

Think broadly about what you’re trying to achieve. By using design thinking, you can determine who your customer really is, what they want, and what problem you’re going to solve for them. This approach enables more innovative solutions and delivers solutions that everyone agrees on that will provide value to your customer and your company.

Embrace an Agile approach through your entire organisation that fits your culture and business model. Everyone in the company should understand what their role is within the enablement, and how they should be engaging. Within the Agile environment, business value is delivered by small, co-located, cross-functional and self-organizing teams.  There is a focus on higher quality outputs and strong stakeholder engagement, leading to happier and more efficient teams.

It is essential that your C-Suite drives the enblement. Digital enablement is all about improving top line revenue and bottom line savings in an efficient way that engages the entire company.  The cultural shift required to allow enablement can only be achieved by the CEO and leadership team being active and visible supporters.

Leading Edge digital enablement services

Once you have determined who your customer really is, what they want, and what problem you are going to solve for them, it is time to implement.

Leading Edge will help you to plan and execute your digital business enablement by developing your enablement roadmap, designing your new operating model and working within your teams to deliver technology solutions which will help you to achieve improved performance.

Our services include:

  • Digital and Cloud Strategy

  • Operational Model Design

  • ERP Selection and Implementation

  • Agile Program Delivery

  • Agile Coaching

  • Project Resourcing

Measuring the impact of your enablement journey

Measuring enablement should be approached as you would with the rollout of your digital program – in small projects, setting up the measurement and reporting of each activity as it is delivered into your organisation.

While traditional measures of revenue, cost and customer satisfaction are still valid, with the new online technology, there are many more creative ways to measure your ROI for your enablement through the capture of more complex and relevant data. For example, you can measure percent of revenue through your digital channels, the reach to your market, percent of digital marketing spend or how much each of your business units contributes to your digital initiatives. The possibilities are endless.

We can work with you to determine the right measures and integrate them into your operating rhythm.


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