eLearning Solutions


Organisations thrive when employees are aligned to the company’s purpose, are competent, motivated and capable of adapting when needed.

Benefits of eLearning

Results oriented course design

Change never stops – whether it be introducing new technology, adopting customer-centric operations, or complying with regulatory updates. That’s why our eLearning solutions have been developed by change management and learning experts who understand the importance of engaging employees and developing their competencies and confidence.

Engagement & Compliance

Our eLearning solutions help organisations to communicate their vision and mission, translate knowledge and expectations into practices, and upskill employees no matter their role or location.

Multi-faceted learning modes

Adapting to new work environments can be confronting for many. Support employees to absorb knowledge, understand expectations and apply new practices through eLearning. eLearning enables individual learning in a non-confrontational environment that complements team workshops and facilitated training.

eLearning Solution Features


Accelerate Results

Purposefully-designed, up-to-date course content that’s ready today. Select from universal course content or industry specific modules, add your branding and go!



Branded Experience

Add branding, tailor terms or add custom content to create a consistent employee experience.


Premium Content

Fully tailored content to suit your needs, developed by change management experts.



Deliver essential knowledge updates in under 5 minutes.


Keep employees engaged with interactive content that’s memorable and useful!
Our engaging quizzes ensure knowledge is retained.

Blended Learning


Direct-to-Employee Messaging

Capture and communicate key messages from leadership via video, quickly and cost effectively through our Learning Management System.



Glossaries and Knowledge Banks

Explain industry terms and key resource lists for employees to reference when they need.


How It Works

Choose a delivery model that suits you.

Leading Edge Learning as a Service

Learning as a Service

  • Ready-made, SCORM-compliant course content

  • Delivered via our always-on, hosted LMS

  • Dedicated customer portal and branding

  • Accessible on any device

  • User reminders and recommended learning pathways

  • Engagement reporting for managers and Executive

  • Content updates

  • Single sign-on option available

Leading Edge Integrated eLearning Solutio

Integrated Content

  • Ready-made, SCORM-compliant course content that can be shared with your LMS via API

  • Content Updates

  • Engagement Reporting for Executive

  • User reminders and reporting for managers dependent on customer LMS configuration.

Leading Edge Offline eLearning Content

Purchase Content

For customers with an existing LMS who prefer to purchase content outright, our premium content solutions ensure you start with the best. Works best when there’s an in-house Learning and Development Manager and LMS technical expert.


Current eLearning Courses


Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re always creating new courses that support our customers to lead people through change. Contact us to see what’s in the pipeline or discuss tailored options to suit you.


Ready to launch your eLearning?