Launch Your Career From Mate to Manager


A leadership course for future leaders of Australia’s Construction and Resource industries.


Equip future leaders with leadership skills that will transition them from mate to manager successfully.

  • Retain valued employees with career paving training

  • Help star employees transition from mate to manager without the stress

  • Keep teams focused and motivated as your workforce evolves

employee turnover due to poor management

70% of employees identify effective management and leadership as the most effective way to retain talent.

Australian HR Institute, 2018 Turnover and Retention Report.

A lack of career progression results in high employee turnover

63% of employees cite lack of career progression as the main reason they leave.

Australian HR Institute, 2018 Turnover and Retention Report.


Course Outcomes

Designed for busy schedules, the Mate to Manager learning pathway guides learners through team management foundations to advanced leadership skills.

This self-paced eLearning course can be delivered over 3 to 6 months and includes 2 accelerated face-to-face workshops that put skills into practice.

After completing this course, learners will:

  • Understand what’s expected of you as you prepare for the next phase in your career

  • Learn how to assemble and lead high-performance teams

  • Develop confident leadership skills and EQ


  • eLearning + 2 hours Face-to-Face workshops



Interactive and Intuitive Courses

Designed for the human mind, our eLearning courses deliver training your employees will enjoy and learn from.


Included Modules


Communication Skills

  • How to conduct effective meetings, create minutes and reporting

  • Engaging stakeholders, communicating up

  • Modern media manners - effective email etiquette and how to navigate social media



Leadership Qualities and Behaviours

  • Leadership EQ

  • Leading by example

  • Owning outcomes, responding to setbacks



Teamwork and Leading Teams

  • Developing high-performance teams

  • Motivating people

  • Managing priorities and deadlines

  • The feedback loop



Advanced People Skills

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Negotiation 

  • Goal setting


  • Translate your organisation’s values in the behaviours and leadership style you want

  • Accountability

  • Role-based responsibilities

Roles, Responsibilities and Values



Optional Add-Ons

Option to Add:

  • Unconscious bias 

  • Bullying in the workplace

  • Building Resilience

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions


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