Coaching for Growth

Congratulations! You have been chosen to be part of BMD’s Emerging Leader program. This year-long program will prepare you for your future at BMD.

Do you want more confidence, better relationships and better results at work?

A few simple questions will open the door to your coaching journey.

Benefits of Coaching

Improve yourself: 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence.

Work better with others: Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

You’ll also find:

  • Improvement in your own performance, targets and goals.

  • Increased openness to personal learning and development.

  • Increased ability to identify solutions to work-related issues.

  • Greater ownership and responsibility.

  • Development of self-awareness.

And personally, you’ll find yourself with:

  • Increased self-awareness, improved work relationships, better learning retention and greater accomplishment.


How It Works

It’s really simple. You just need to commit to change.

You will spend around 1-2 hours per week (or around 5 hours per month) on the program.

The program will start on 17 October and will include 10 coaching sessions over the year.

All coaching sessions will be pre-booked in advance so it’s in your diary.

Leading Edge Learning as a Service

1:1 Monthly Session

  • Monthly 45 minute sessions with Coach Janine where you will learn new skills, define your goals and be supported in overcoming your challenges

  • We will provide a Coaching Journal which you must bring to each session

  • You need to commit to every session; if you can’t attend that day, you will have the session online (Skype or Hangouts)

Leading Edge Integrated eLearning Solutio

Online Learning

  • During the year, we will send you some short online eLearning modules which you will complete before the next coaching session

  • The information provided will align with the topics you will cover with Janine and will support you in your journey to Leadership and career growth.

Leading Edge Offline eLearning Content

Delivering Outcomes

  • The coaching sessions are fun and engaging, but the real growth comes when you do the work.

  • Janine will assign you ‘homework’ which you will need to complete prior to the next session. It may be a conversation with a colleague or taking the lead on an activity.

  • Janine will hold you accountable to these activities.


A Complete Coaching Program, Tailored to YOU


Get Results

Purposefully-designed, up-to-date coaching approach that’s designed for you. Each session focuses on practical skills to help you achieve results.



Customised for You

Everyone is different; so Coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific career and personal growth goals.


Structured Content

Each month is designed around a new topic which builds on the previous month. This proven structure will support you to learn and grow.



Essential online knowledge updates in under 5 minutes.


In addition to Coaching, we will provide you with eLearning content as well as Quarterly 1-day session with your cohort. You will build on your knowledge through the year through the different learning channels.

Blended Learning


Practical Hands-on

You will be expected to practice what you’ve learned in the coaching sessions. It’s ok if it’s new to you… getting out of your comfort zone is all part of growth!


Topics Which You’ll Cover


We guarantee that this program will drive you to learn, grow and excel in your career.

So what are you waiting for?


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