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"Automation software can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and takes zero breaks..."

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What is the value of including automation in your workforce?

Companies worldwide are turning to intelligent automation to innovate better, boost customer satisfaction, empower employees and ultimately increase revenue and profit by freeing staff from mundane and repetitive tasks, to focus on human intervention and adding value to their businesses.

Leading Edge works to identify and plan for strategic or tactical applications of intelligent automation across teams and business units, to define a business case for automation savings across your enterprise. We then deliver the end-to-end implementation from pilot to rollout and ongoing program maintenance where required.

How we help you integrate an intelligent automation solution.

We begin by helping you to define what success looks like, and then identify Intelligent Automation processes candidates, which includes short term simple wins, while planning for the larger strategic or tactical uses of automation across teams and business units.

We then kick off a pilot, where we start small and scale fast. Once complete we work with you to choose the right Operating Model for your business, including identifying talent and training your team, and then we create a Centre of Excellence.

Our strength lies in enablement and scaling of the solution across your organisation.  This means we can assist with gaining executive sponsorship and stakeholder buy-in.  We also work with your teams to communicate with employees why the company is investing in this initiative and how it will benefit the business, its customers and its staff.

How you can measure the impact of your automation solution

Automating tasks removes the time (and therefore cost) that it takes for a human to conduct the task. Automation software can work for 24 hours a day, don’t take breaks or sick days, and they provide accurate results every time. 

By measuring the time it takes to conduct a task, the frequency it occurs per month, the cost per hour and multiplying it by 12 months, we can easily see how quickly the savings add up.

We can help you define a business case for automation as well as the measurement of the savings across your enterprise.


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