BMD Emerging Leaders Coaching Program

Manager Briefing Form

We’re looking forward to having your team member join this special coaching program. They will be working with Coach Janine 1:1 once a month and will be expected to complete some activities in between the sessions.

It’s expected that they will spend approx 1-2 hours per week on their coaching activities, whether the monthly session with Janine, online eLearning or doing activities as assigned. We expect that they will show up to every session on time and prepared with their Coaching Journal (which will be provided).

We will be in contact with you regularly and if you have any questions at any time, please reach out to Janine at

So Janine can prepare for her sessions with you, we ask that you fill out the following form so she can get to know your team member better. This will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone else.

Please submit by COB Friday, 4 October

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