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 “ Individuals become better leaders by identifying a behavior that, if increased or introduced, would make a significant difference in their overall leadership effectiveness.

-       Jack Zenger, author of 13 best selling leadership development books including The Extraordinary Leader


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Better a carrot than a stick


Course Name: Customer Service
Course Code: PE.01

customer service.jpg

How to make customer service a behaviour, not a task.

Whether customer facing or operational delivery, customer service is integral to individual performance and business goals.

Who is this course for?

  • Staff members

  • Team Leaders

  • Project Teams

Understanding how customer service is beneficial to personal well-being, as evidenced by neuroscience, positive psychology and human behaviour. Improved engagement, confidence and communication


What really matters


Course Name: Stakeholder Engagement
Course Code: PE.02

Stakeholder engagement

Failure to engage stakeholders effectively can derail any project.

Who is this course for?

  • Project managers

  • Change managers

  • Leaders

A better understanding of the psychology of persuasion and the role of unconscious bias. Improved customer focus, uplift in communications planning and improved project management.


Working better together


Course Name: Improving Strategic Partnerships
Course Code: PE.03

Improving strategic partnerships

Why adopting a more pragmatic approach of working better together, rather than relying on contracts and penalties, saves money and reduces error rates

Who is this course for?
Partner Management or someone new to outsourcing

Improved understanding of collaboration, in terms of both benefits and skills required, and the value of strategic partnerships




Course Name: Building Resilience
Course Code: PE.04

still standing.jpg

Change can be disruptive when people, or teams, aren’t equipped to deal with it

Who is this course for?
Teams who have undergone, or going through, significant change

Recognising change fatigue and how to manage that on an individual level.

A better understanding of individual and team strengths - which can be used to improve team dynamics and collaboration.

This course requires participants to take the free VIA (Values in Action) strength analysis test and bring their results to unpack


Let’s take
a walk


Course Name: Empathy in Customer Service
Course Code: PE.05

Empathy & advanced customer service training

Demonstrating empathy is critical to delivering great customer service. It becomes an imperative when addressing service failures.

Who is this course for?
Individuals or teams looking to get smart about customer service.

An understanding of what empathy is and tools that can be used to demonstrate empathy.

How using these skills can build brand loyalty and improve NPS (Net Promoter Scores.)


How big is your iceberg?


Course Name: Unconscious Bias & Cultural Inclusion
Course Code: PE.06

The role of unconscious bias, decision making and culture

We’re not trapped by what we think when we know why we think it.

Who is this course for?
HR & Leaders tasked with diversity challenges and building an inclusive culture.

Better decision making and strategies to overcome knee-jerk reactions. Improved understanding of the challenges of diversity.


Leaving a


Course Name: Resolving Customer Conflicts Ethically
Course Code: PE.07

conflict resolution.jpg

How ethical resolution leads to better outcomes for staff, customers and company brand

Who is this course for?
Companies that value their customers and want to actively address their social media footprints while also promoting an internal culture of “Doing the right thing”.

Bring able to understand principles, values and ethics and how they affect human behaviour.

Learn how to improve overall customer experience and NPS by resolving customer conflicts ethically and with better negotiation skills. This can lead to better results, fewer complaints and improvements to workplace morale.


Navigating new shores


Course Name: Bridging the culture divide in offshoring
Course Code: PE.08

Offshore call centre staff

How improved cultural understanding between teams based offshore (or outsourced) can reduce conflict and improve service.

Who is this course for?
Companies with teams based offshore.

A better understanding of other cultures, and their reference points, and the importance that has when working across multiple countries.


Hey, can we talk?


Course Name: Critical Service Conversations
Course Code: PE.09

Training on how to construct critical conversations for improved relationships

Better conversations lead to many positive outcomes including improved collaboration, productivity uplift and improved communication

Who is this course for?

  • Service Delivery Teams

  • Outsourced Teams

Learn Appreciative Inquiry, how to repair strained relationships and build trust & loyalty


Service to a TEE


Course Name: Trust, Ethics and Empathy in Business
Course Code: PE.10

Training on how to construct critical conversations for improved relationships

Trust is vital in any service relationship. Focusing on trust, within an ethical framework, informed by empathy, will make a difference to both the internal culture as well as a company’s commercial success

Who is this course for?

  • Leaders

  • Team Members

  • Anyone providing professional services

Tools to help build, maintain and restore trust. The understanding of how to construct an ethical framework and how the role of empathy supports the overall customer service.

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