RPA Change Management

Successful RPA means planning for and leading people through change. Start your RPA project right with this 1 day course for teams or individuals.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can amplify the potential of organisations and people.

From augmenting human capabilities to improving systems and outcomes, RPA is a powerful tool to help businesses transform. Designing an RPA solution that achieves its business goals requires a team effort to plan for change, adapt and learn.

Leading change - that is, asking people to change their behaviours - can be intimidating (and let’s be honest, sometimes frustrating), but these are skills that can be learned.

Don’t wait until your RPA project has stalled. Prepare your change leaders, plan for success – and deliver.

This course is designed for

  • Program / Project Directors leading an RPA initiative, responsible for planning and implementing change

  • RPA product managers who will own the automation toolset

  • People Managers who lead teams affected by RPA project

  • RPA / Automation advocates helping teams and organisations plan for and adopt automation

Course Overview

The RPA Change Management courses is a practical program designed to improve an individual’s leadership ability. It’s a hands-on workshop, typically delivered within small groups, at our office. Tailored packages for teams are also available.

Course modules include:

  • Foundations of Change Management for RPA projects, so you can develop your own practical change management plan to use with your team.

  • How to increase ROI of your organisation’s investment in change

  • Creating a culture of resilience

  • Engaging staff in change

Duration & Learning Mode:

  • 1 Day / In-classroom learning

Key outcomes include:

  • Focus on enabling successful business outcomes

  • Leave with RPA Change Management assets/templates that can be applied at work

  • Learn to support people through change, helping them to adapt to new processes, systems and mindsets

  • Gain insights from instructors who are industry leaders

Have a specific need? We can tailor course requirements for individuals and businesses.


  • Individuals: $799 + GST per person

  • Group Training: $5,999 + GST (for groups of 5-12 persons, at your office)

Here’s what prior participants in our courses have to say:

“Very thorough and informative”
“Engaging discussion”
“Very informative”
“Excellent workshop. Great presenters, engaging sessions”
“Great content. Well structured.”
“Very engaging and great communication style”
“Excellent course, interested in further courses”


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